Flower Show – April

Apr 1, 2012 by

Flower Show – April

LHAA will be hosting a Flower Show during the second half of April and we invite our members to create some new pieces to turn the Gallery into a not-so secret garden! To get you into the Springtime mood we have some special events coming up. Sunday, February 19th, Anita Hunt will hold a free Floral Drawing workshop from 2:00 pm until 4:00pm. Emphasis will be on observational drawing – working from the real thing – using values, cross contours, and pencil techniques to develop skills in capturing the form. A follow-up workshop is also scheduled for Sunday, March 18th, for you to bring in your choice of medium to work from our floral still-life.

As part of our upcoming floral show, Floriculture teacher, designer, Christine Dominguez, and her incredible Don Lugo High School team of student designers, will fill the spaces in our show with the floral work that has captured major attention throughout Southern California. Christine will hold a workshop at the Gallery; again the date will be posted as soon as it is scheduled. This workshop will require a fee for supplies.

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