Anne Moore – Printmaker

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Anne Moore – Printmaker

An evening with the artist – Anne Moore

Yes, it was raining on November 20th! But for the brave souls that came out to see Anne Moore at LHAA the trip was worth it! Mrs. Moore shared examples of her growth through her chosen medium, and it was inspiring to see. Her main body of work was created as monotype prints and she spent the evening demonstrating how she develops an idea while building up her printing plate. She brought with her an interesting array of found objects that she uses to apply ink or emboss the inked surface of the plate; members were energized by the possibilities and began suggesting materials that commonly pass through their hands with design potential. During her demonstration, she answered questions about inking, edge registration for multiple print runs on one plate, and using a press – such as the table top press she brought with her.

Mrs. Moore enjoys adding a calligraphic type element to her designs, both as actual text and as simulated text and texture. The movement created throughout the prints is engaging and holds the viewer’s eye for more than a passing moment; her use of line and subtle layering of colour invites you to linger and explore the surface. As a process, her monotypes are as involved as one might find in most painting and drawing mediums, but as a printing technique it produces only one image from the plate.

The evening was both instructive and enjoyable!

Visit her website for an enjoyable view of her galleries:

Preparing for press run

Work space

Pulling a print

Finished demonstration print

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